Please visit the Aspire Hypnosis Clinic and ask to see our testimonial book and thank you cards for customer feedback on a full range conditions treated with Hypnosis.

Here is a small selection of testimonials from recent clients:

Weight Loss Programme

My sister and I wanted to loose weight for my wedding and we heard about the Weight Loss programme through someone in work and so decided to give it a try. We had tried Slimming World previously and lost a few pounds but it never lasted. I was a bit nervous going to the first session but was made to feel as ease very quickly. I had changed in just a few sessions and I was impressed how quickly I broke bad habits such as eating junk, fast food and snacking. The hypnotherapy was quite addictive and always looked forward to crashing out in the chair and going into hypnosis and enjoying the feelings during. I would describe the programme as a combination of something like Weight Watchers or Slimming World (but better and more realistic) plus a large amount of Hypnosis to enforce changes– I found this much more personal than anything I have done before and glad to say that at 3 months after finishing the programme I am losing my last few pounds and maintaining the changes I have made. 3 and a half stone lost altogether – well worth the time and money.
R Rogers 2012


Thanks for supporting me so well through my operation and recovery I couldn’t have done it without the help of the clinic. I was diagnosed with a condition after collapsing a number of times and a major operation which I won’t go into details here. I was told that I was a walking time bomb and was high risk of sudden death.

I was petrified which was making my heart race more and I couldn’t sleep. The consultant hypnotherapist Wayne helped me to accept the condition more quickly, helped me relax and prepared me for the operation and recovery. He also taught me self hypnosis so I can calm my anxiety when I need to.


9 months a non smoker now – lots of people thought I couldn’t do it but I have proved them all wrong. It only took 2 visits to stop. I’m saving about £50 a week so would recommend to anyone to stop and use Aspire as they explain everything well and it works wonders.
S Ashton 2013

Confidence Programme

A friend recommended the Aspire Clinic after he used them for quitting smoking.

I took the Confidence Program to help sort out my career as I was not earning much money and had a number of failed attempts to gain a promotion and confidence was holding me back.

After the first session of six in total I left realising that it wasn’t about the job it was about much more in my life that was making me unhappy. I was 27, little money, living with parents, no girlfriend, low paid job, my car was falling apart and I was overweight. In the first session I was surprised as we didn’t do hypnosis but I left understanding everything I wanted to change in the near future and felt really motivated to do it– I was told to write down the 5 things at home that I wanted to achieve to improve my life and happiness within the next 12 months.

1. I wanted to have improved confidence in workplace and get a new job earning £40k plus
2. Gain confidence socially and with women to get a girlfriend
3. To loose weight and get in shape
4. To buy a house
5. To buy a new car.

The hypnosis sessions were one a week for six weeks and they have literally transformed my attitude for the better and I felt the changes in me increase from week to week. I still crave sitting in the recliner as the hypnosis was so relaxing.

After each weekly session I was given a new CD recording to listen to every day before bedtime. I can’t explain how or why but the whole process worked for me and I have fulfilled all of my 5 goals within 9 months and it is all down to my increased confidence. I applied for a job that I would have previously thought was beyond me and when I turned up at the interview I nailed it and for the first time I believed that I deserved the job. Needless to say I was offered the job.

I am a new person, happier, healthier, in a much better financial position and my girlfriend and I are very happy together. I am happy to talk to anyone thinking about doing the same just give them my number if you like. Thanks once again for everything I will continue to refer friends if I spot anyone who needs your help.
Best regards, T Durden. 2011